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Installation and debugging steps and precautions of electric heating heat conduction oil furnace

發表時間: 2020-01-30 14:57:19

作者: Longyan Mechanical


Recently, many users have asked us how to operate the newly purchased electric heating and heat conducting oil furnace. Will the installation and commissioning process be complicated? In view of such concerns, today I would like to share with you the steps and precautions for the installation and commissioning of the electric heating and heat conduction oil furnace.

1、 Installation preparation

1. Unpacking inspection: check whether the attached instructions, certificate documents and accessories are consistent with the packing list.

2. Check the main engine and its accessories, electrical parts, if there is damage, loose phenomenon, should be dealt with in time;

3. Check whether the installation site meets the environmental requirements and applicable conditions.

It should be noted that the electric heating conduction oil furnace with electric heating power ≥ 100kW belongs to the organic heat carrier boiler, and the installation requires professional personnel.

2、 Installation of main engine of electric heating and heat conducting oil furnace

The electric heating conduction oil furnace shall be horizontally and stably placed in a position convenient for monitoring, operation and maintenance. In order to facilitate the maintenance and disassembly of the heating body of the main engine, enough space should be reserved, and it is recommended to install the valve corresponding to the use conditions at the inlet and outlet pipelines of the main engine (generally delivered by the factory, if it is not necessary to purchase by yourself). Before installation, thoroughly clean the main machine, auxiliary machine, accessories and all inner cavities of pipelines, and remove the internal water and foreign matters.

1. The pipeline layout of electric heating heat-transfer oil furnace shall adopt the way of low inlet and high outlet, and the pipeline bending shall be minimized to ensure the smooth pipeline. The diameter of various pipelines in the system shall be consistent with the diameter of the heat-transfer oil inlet and outlet of the main engine of electric heating heat-transfer oil furnace as far as possible;

2. Heat preservation measures shall be taken for the pipes of electric heating heat conduction oil furnace to avoid unnecessary heat loss and energy waste. But the flange connection should not be added with thermal insulation materials.

3. The convex flat welded steel pipe flange with a nominal pressure (PG) of not less than 1.0MPa shall be used for the connection of electric heating heat transfer oil furnace, and the metal wound graphite gasket, expanded graphite composite gasket or high-temperature heat-resistant rubber asbestos plate can be used for the sealing gasket of pipeline connection.

4. Exhaust pipe and exhaust valve shall be installed at the highest part of the circulating system pipe network, so as to discharge gas products regularly during operation, and the opening and closing position of the exhaust valve shall be convenient for operation.

The pipeline installation of electric heating heat conduction oil furnace shall ensure that there is no leakage in the metal wall, weld, pipeline accessories and connecting parts. If water or steam is used for pressure test, the water in the system shall be blown away after the pressure test.

3、 Selection and filling of heat transfer oil

In order to select the manufacturer and brand of heat transfer oil according to the actual situation, we generally recommend that users buy synthetic heat transfer oil of great wall, Kunlun and Mobil brands, and the boiling point of the heat transfer oil should be higher than the maximum operating temperature of the system. Since it is strictly prohibited to mix heat transfer oils of different brands, it is suggested to consider convenient purchase or more spare purchase when selecting heat transfer oils.

After the installation and inspection of the whole heating system is completed, the system shall be filled with oil. The heat-transfer oil shall be filled through the oil filling port of the expansion tank. When filling oil, all valves in the system (except the oil drain valve) shall be opened, and then the heat-transfer oil shall be slowly injected into the system through the expansion tank. Stop filling oil when the liquid level is about 1 / 2 of the expansion tank height. The oil filling cover shall be installed on the back of the oil filling cover, the oil overflow pipe shall be connected, the opening and closing of valves in the pipeline shall be checked carefully, and the phenomenon of oil seepage and oil leakage in the system is strictly prohibited.

4、 Dehydration and exhaust of electric heating conduction oil furnace

1. Normal temperature exhaust: turn on the power supply, open the inlet and outlet valves and exhaust valves of the electric heating heat transfer oil furnace, press the start button of the oil pump, the operation indicator light of the oil pump will be on, the oil pump shall operate normally according to the direction indicated by the arrow, the pressure of the pressure gauge will be displayed within the specified range, the operation of the audio-visual oil pump shall be checked immediately if there is any abnormal phenomenon, and the oil pump shall be restarted after troubleshooting Exhaust at room temperature until the indication of pressure gauge is stable. During normal temperature exhaust, pay attention to observe the liquid level in the expansion tank, and make up in time when it is lower than the specified liquid level.

2. Temperature rise dehydration: after confirming normal operation under normal temperature, temperature rise dehydration and exhaust can be carried out (operation: read the operation manual of heat transfer oil and the operation manual of temperature controller carefully before operation). Temperature rise dehydration and exhaust can be carried out as follows:

The heating speed is controlled by adjusting the starting heating power; the constant temperature is achieved by the temperature control setting.

Step 1: heat up to 100-120 ℃ for heat preservation

At the beginning of temperature rise, the temperature rise speed shall be controlled within 50 ℃ / h, and the pressure gauge shall be monitored to see whether it is normal. If there is no pressure or the pressure is unstable, it means that there is still residual gas in the system. At this time, it is required to repeat the normal temperature exhaust operation. After the system pressure is stable, it can be continued. After the temperature rises to 120 ℃, it can be kept warm for a long time. The length of the heat preservation time and the total capacity and guidance of the system The quality of hot oil is related.

Step 2: heat up to 150-180 ℃.

Remove light components, volatiles and residual water in oil.

Step 3: after dehydration and exhaust, close the exhaust valve and put it into normal temperature rise operation.

3. Matters related to the process of temperature rise, dehydration and exhaust: during the process of temperature rise of electric heating conduction oil furnace, the pipeline may make a collision sound, indicating that there is a large amount of gas in the system or the pipeline is not smooth, at this time, the temperature rise speed shall be reduced, and the noise can be eliminated after the gas is discharged; if the pipeline is not smooth, it shall be eliminated. During the dehydration and exhaust process, a large amount of gas may flow into the expansion tank, resulting in the overflow of heat-transfer oil in the tank. Before operation, an oil overflow container shall be placed under the oil overflow pipe. During dehydration and exhaust, the site must be guarded by staff, and any abnormality found shall be handled in time.

5、 Temperature control of heat transfer oil heater system (refer to the manual of temperature controller for details)

1. Set relevant parameters of temperature control instrument according to process requirements for temperature rise and insulation control.

2. When the heat-transfer oil heater is put into use for the first time, when the heat-transfer oil rises to 200 ℃ or the required use temperature (below 200 ℃), it is necessary to check the connection part of the circulation system pipeline, and pay attention to prevent the leakage of the heat-transfer oil caused by the thermal expansion of the fastener; tighten the fastener of the heating body connection part in the thermal state to prevent the connection caused by the thermal expansion of the connection part If it is not true, the terminal will be overheated and damaged.

Be careful! The hot fastening of the wiring fastener of the heating body shall be carried out in the state of power failure. Observe and adjust the relevant parameters of the temperature control instrument, and implement the automatic temperature control operation until the stable control.

Installation and debugging steps and precautions of electric heating heat conduction oil furnace



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